UiPath with KDDI

UiPath's world-leading
RPA technology and KDDI's
support knowledge combine
to aid your business

Workflow transformation through wide-range robotic automation
with superior scalability and flexibility

UiPath with KDDI

Automate routine business processes across enterprise with enterprise scalability using software robots

Deploying UiPath RPA solution will not only transform and streamline the business’s workflow. Software robots can be easy to integrate seamlessly into the enterprise system. It ensures enterprise scalability to tailored response to specific needs for business enhancement.

Benefits for using UiPath with KDDI

1. Wide-range Automation

RPA has already successfully speeded up and executed with high accuracy processes in various fields of industries, such as banking & finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication and many more, to handle high-volume business process. KDDI can base on customer’s existing workflow to assist in robot development to handle those highly-repetitive operation processes efficiently.

2. Enterprise Scalability

RPA introduces a highly flexible and scalable virtual workforce with reduced induction time. Additional robots can be deployed quickly to suit different operation needs. Multiple robots will be able to perform a massive number of operations in parallel. KDDI can assist to study customer’s operation situation and provide suggestions to customer to streamline and transform the workflow flexibly.

3. Start Easy, Develop Expeditiously

UiPath provides a feature-rich and easy-to-use automation development environment. The highly visual process designer allows users for fast and easy configuration of robotic workflows by simply drag-and-drop activities in the user interface. If customer is facing any problem in using UiPath RPA, KDDI can provide short-term on-the-site training to customer to pick up the essential skill-sets for utilizing the UiPath RPA development platform.

What is UiPath?

Leading industry independent analyst firms rank UiPath as a leader and star performer in RPA

Uipath NY London FR Rumania India SG HK Tokyo

Workflow Development

Benefits to introduce RPA in business operation

Overwhelming Performance
Avoid errors and mistakes in routine workflow effectively
Working Environment Improvement
Enable staff to focus on creative works by sharing repetitive and uninteresting tasks to RPA robots
Game-changer Worldwide
Leveraging RPA is the next big step in markets around the globe to optimize costs and free up company resources

All-round support from KDDI

Global Support
With operations globally, KDDI offers provide smooth implementation support for RPA projects.
Business Know-How
KDDI has actively introduced RPA internally and accumulated abundant know-how for different RPA projects.
All-round Strength in System Integration
As the system scale expands, comprehensive know-how on multiple IT aspects are required.

System Configuration

Sessions are managed in the cloud-based central server. Sound and video are conducted directly between Headquarters and field.

Other functions

No operation required from sender
All operated from receiver side

Recorded videos can be used twice
Video recording archive

Easily accessible even from outside office《Good!》
Accessibility from iPad

Not only live video, many others functions
High quality file transfer

Smart hands-free transmission (coming soon)

Smart glasses and web camera - increase your work efficiency!

Getting both of the hands free will release any burden for workers, thus makes them able to work/report smoothly.


  • iOS7 or newer


  • Windows 7/8/10 (32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2/2012R2

■Network Requirements

  • Device - Server: TCP/80,443 UDP/any
  • Device - Device: UDP/ant
  • System will not work when there are more than double NAT in each client network.

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