Protect yourself against Ransomware

KDDI Australia May 23, 2017

A widespread cyber attack by "WannaCry" Ransomware has been seriusly influencing more than 200,000 organisation.

Ransomware, which is malicious software programmed to block access to a device such as computer and software, demands "ransom" after the attacck to unlock your data.

KDDI Australia provides organisations with a wide range of security solutions which protect them from Ransomware attack.

  • Backup Solutions
  • Virus/ Spyware Protection
  • Network virus protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Prevention against unauthorised intruder attacks
  • Web evaluation/URL Filter
  • Anti-tampering and user surveillance/monitoring
  • Incident reporting notification
  • Uninstallation authorization management
  • Recover from Infection by untrusted/unauthorized programs & software
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