KDDI Myanmar holds first RPA seminar in Myanmar

August 30, 2019

KDDI Myanmar, together with UiPath Co., known worldwide for its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool UiPath, on Aug. 20 held Myanmar’s first seminar on RPA.

RPA seminar

Myanmar has seen rapid economic growth in recent years, accompanied by rising wages for white collar workers and the need for faster business methods, creating increased demand for improved efficiency through RPA.

The seminar had an audience of 70 visitors from 44 companies, both Japanese and local, from a range of industries, who filled the venue with enthusiasm.

Speakers during the seminar explained RPA, the strengths of UiPath, how to implement an RPA solution, how RPA can work with other systems like SAP, and more. Multiple comments were received from audience members stating that this was their first time hearing about RPA, but that the explanation with its case studies was easy to understand, and that they wanted to look at using RPA at their own companies.

RPA seminar

KDDI Myanmar and presenters from UiPath

With Myanmar expected to continue growing economically as it opens its markets to further foreign investment, KDDI will endeavor to strongly promote the spread of RPA in the country.

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KDDI Myanmar

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