KDDI Australia October 20, 2020

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) is bringing industry-leading connected-car capabilities to Australia in collaboration with Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI Australia and national connectivity provider Telstra.

The partnership will enable 4G mobile network connectivity for select TMCA vehicles introduced to Australia from late this year, initially with new safety and security services designed to provide customers with additional peace of mind.

The ecosystem builds on a Global Communications Platform to support vehicle connectivity, announced by Toyota Motor Corporation and KDDI Corporation in 2016.


Toyota Australia’s Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said the introduction of connected vehicles is a vital step towards achieving the company’s vision of mobility for all.

“Cars are the ultimate mobility device, so this connected technology will enable us to provide new, convenient and personalised experiences to our customers while delivering on our commitment of continual improvement to safety,” Mr Hanley said.

KDDI Australia’s Managing Director Jun Miura said it was a great honour to contribute to a project that aims for a future where vehicles are connected all over the world.

“We are thrilled to see what our global communications platform and the Telstra network can bring to the connected car market in Australia,” Mr Miura said.

Telstra’s Global IoT Solutions Executive Gerhard Loots said Telstra was thrilled to partner with TMCA and KDDI to help bring connected-car capabilities in Australia.

“What’s really exciting is how connected vehicle technology will not only make driving easier for Australians, but also make it safer,” Mr Loots said.

More information about TMCA’s connected services will be provided closer to the launch.

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About Toyota

Since its foundation in 1937, globally, Toyota has strived continuously to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet through its business operations. It’s a principle that we have continued since Toyota Australia started in 1963 and has helped to cement our position as Australia’s leading automotive company.

Motor vehicles greatly expand the freedom of mobility, however, we recognise that they can also have an effect on our society and the environment. With this in mind, we listen carefully to our stakeholders as we pursue a business that works towards harmony with people, society, and the global environment.

We are continuously innovating to develop vehicles that meet the needs of the market both now and into the future. Our research focuses on vehicles powered by a range of alternative fuels and vehicles with the potential for automated driving. Meanwhile we continue to work towards vehicles that are safe for everyone, and that maintain the standards of durability and reliability that people expect from the Toyota brand.

About Telstra

Telstra is a leading telecommunications and information services company. We offer a full range of services and compete in all telecommunications markets in Australia, operating the largest mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Globally, we provide end-to-end solutions including managed network services, global connectivity, cloud, voice, colocation, conferencing and satellite solutions. We have licenses in Asia, Europe and the United States and offer access to more than 2,000 points of presence across the globe. For more information visit

At Telstra, we want to make the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. IoT is changing our lives forever. Making our roads safer, our environment cleaner, our businesses more efficient, our homes smarter and our lives smoother. Since 1901 we’ve been connecting Australians to each other and the world. We’re now connecting people to their world, and like never before. We’ve built one of the largest and most comprehensive IoT networks so Australians can make the benefits of a connected world real and fast – here and now. We want to innovate with our industries, businesses, cities, farms, schools and families to create IoT and data solutions together. We’re committed to delivering connected solutions that transform business productivity. We are uncompromising in our dedication to customer service, and expertise in delivering innovative end-to-end IoT solutions. When everything is connected, the possibilities are endless.

About KDDI

KDDI (TSE 9433) is telecommunication service provider in Japan, offering both mobile and fixed-line communications.  With its well-established base of over 58 million customers, KDDI is expanding its services into the "Life Design" business, which includes e-commerce, fintech, nationwide electric power utility services, entertainment and education.

With a 60-year history, KDDI is now focusing on creating smart infrastructure through IoT technologies and open innovation with partners and start-up companies in diverse industries worldwide including Australia where KDDI Australia has supported the success of our international customers. Backed by decades of relationship with telecommunications carriers worldwide, and its robust experiences in the corporate IT solution market, KDDI is also Toyota’s global partner in the IT area to support Toyota's global business operation. For Toyota's global connected car project, KDDI provides Global Communications Platform combined with the connectivity in each country by teaming up with local carriers.  These are the key elements for Toyota to offer greater experiences of connected car to its customers globally.

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