KDDI Application Optimization Service

Optimize network resources by setting priority controls!

Optimize network resources by indentifing the real time traffic of each application and setting priority controls


Our Application Optimization Service makes it possible to identify the traffic volume of individual applications on user networks and manage the quality of each application. In addition, users can improve the usage environment without increasing bandwidth by accelerating and setting priority controls for individual applications based on their importance.

  • KDDI installs optimization devices in customer offices to achieve "visibility," "optimization" and "acceleration" of the applications used on the customer networks.
  • With management centralized through a central server, users can collectively optimize the traffic of any office from their headquarters or other management office. In addition, the reporting function allows users to view quality reports for individual applications in the mesh environment connecting offices.
  • A virtual optimization function allows customers to ascertain application use and utilize some of the optimization and acceleration tools without installing any equipment, through the identification of sites with no optimization devices as virtual sites.

Figure: What is the


Cost optimization by optimal global circuit design

By identifying network traffic at the application level, it is possible to optimize the quality of each application and accelerating and setting priority controls according to importance, efficient use of communication lines is enhanced, the use environment of the user's network is improved and usage stress is minimized.

Reduction in the network management burden on corporate IT teams

Unlike with existing WAN acceleration equipment, centralized management of the network, such as registration of applications and setting of the QoS profile for individual applications, is possible simply by accessing the central server.

Enhanced business efficiency through improved utilization of the user OA environment

The user's OA environment is improved and efficiency of operations is enhanced through the optimization of important business applications, higher quality video conferencing and shorter file transmission times with overseas offices.

  • *Restrictions apply to some of the functions of the virtual equipment.

Case Study of UiPath with KDDI

1: Robot for collecting customer comments in Internet

[Target Department]: Marketing and Product Development Department

[Objectives]: Understanding the market needs for product development

Collecting the pricing information and comments of the company's and other companies' products on the Internet and sharing to stakeholders automatically by robot

[Effects of automation]:
Until now, the product pricing information and comments were collected on the Internet manually and gathered in Excel, the automation of series of work had saved man-hour efficiently. In addition, although the scope was only limited to specific products and data collection frequency was about once per month, since additional information can be collected automatically with a simple setting, information to be collected can also be increased easily in future.

[Time Saved]: 20 Hours per Month

Collecting custumer comments in internet

2: Robot for auto-checking attendance record

[Target Department]: HR Department

[Objectives]: Attendance record management

Identifying and confirming attendance record automatically for employees who did not recorded in HR system correctly

[Effects of automation]:
Until now, abnormal attendance record due to holiday and early leave, etc. are required to be followed up manually. The robotic automation had reduced manual work efficiently.

[Time Saved]: About 50 Hours per Month

Auto-checking attendance record

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