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Network KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy

We are no longer accepting applications for KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy.

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An economical IP-VPN service utilizing a DSL circuit as its access circuit

When PLC type access is utilized in countries/areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure, the service costs can become expensive even if PLC bandwidth is relatively small. Now that DSL technology is increasingly popular in many countries/areas, KDDI has made a more affordable Global IP-VPN using a DSL circuit as for access. The KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy service offers a low price alternative solution for connection with overseas offices that have small communication traffic volumes.

One-stop shopping for DSL circuits, renting routers in 190 countries worldwide

We offer a one-stop service - from the provision of a DSL circuit and other necessary equipment, through operation and maintenance, to coordination in case of network failure. Entrusting the entire process to KDDI also means getting everything done with a single contract and single invoice, this greatly reduces your burden.

A secure and high-quality network environment that combines IPsec and MPLS networks

KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy can provide more reliable security networks than an Internet VPN.For international backbone networks, which greatly impact the delay value, a closed MPLS network can minimize delays and packet losses.

High scalability

KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy is useful as a backup service for both the KDDI Global Powered Ethernet and KDDI Global IP-VPN services. We believe that the combination of KDDI Global IP-VPN for larger overseas offices with KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy for smaller ones, is attractive for customers. when compared with Internet VPN services, which often experience delays as the data passes through multiple ISPs. KDDI Global IP-VPN Economy has direct access to local gateways that are linked via a closed MPLS backbone network to minimize delays and packet losses.


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